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Fireproof shutter door special blue cloth

  • Inorganic fire shutters are mainly made of inorganic fibers that have been specially processed. With fireproof, smokeproof and heat insulation functions, the fire shutters made of this series of materials fully meet the requirements of "fire integrity, heat insulation".
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Main performance characteristics:
1. Fire prevention (fireproof grade A - otherwise GB8624-2006, German standard DI41021A1 grade)
(tested by the National Fire Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center)
2. Low capacity, anti-heat vibration, fire protection, dust removal, easy construction and so on.
3 has soft, heat-resistant characteristics, heat-resistant temperature up to 550-1200 ° C
4. Good chemical stability and resistance to various chemical corrosion: anti-mite and mildew resistance.
5. Environmental protection (no asbestos)

First, fireproof decorative cloth (blue fiberglass cloth)
The fireproof decorative cloth is used as a decorative layer on the outermost layer of the advanced fireproof roller blind because of its good decorative, fireproof and colorful colors.
Fire shutter door special materials

Main specifications:
Color: blue colored fiberglass cloth
Thickness: 0.2mm, 0.3mm,
Width: 2m

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