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Double layer nano airbag

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The material is soft, lightweight and easy to install. Its structure is aluminum foil and polyethylene, which is processed by special machinery. The product is odorless and non-toxic; its appearance not only solves the discomfort and environmental harm caused by the glass fiber and foaming materials in the past, but also Blocks penetration of iron, concrete, wood and ordinary insulation

The material enters the room's UV rays. The new insulation material developed and produced by our company not only has good insulation, heat reflection, heat insulation and anti-radiation functions, but also makes it very useful in building construction applications (roof, wall, floor) due to the characteristics of the material. Good moisture, heat preservation and energy saving.

1. It does not contain harmful substances and meets the requirements of ROHS international environmental protection certification, so it will not produce any harmful pollutants in human body during installation and application;
2. High-quality insulation and energy-saving materials, which are heat-insulating and anti-condensation nemesis, have low heat transfer coefficient and remain stable, and have an insulating effect on any heat medium;
3. Waterproof, flame retardant, heat insulation, shock absorption, sound absorption, noise reduction and other functions;
4. It has the characteristics of light weight, easy processing and easy installation.
5. Heat resistance, low temperature resistance, chemical resistance, and aging resistance.

1. Building reflective insulation, hot and cold water pipe insulation;
2. Insulation of household appliances such as refrigerator partitions, central air conditioners, and cold storage;
3. Insulation, sound absorption and noise reduction of automobiles, trains, refrigerated trucks and laboratories; suitable for tourism moisture-proof insulation mats and other industries;
4. Packaging and refrigerated packaging of special products;
5. Can be made into a variety of colors, anti-static, high-end decoration according to customer requirements.

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