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Kraft paper coated PE

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Kraft coated paper is a component of all wood pulp kraft paper. It is the better one in the category of kraft paper. Its process is to coat the kraft paper with PE film through plastic particles through a casting machine to produce a kraft film paper.

Kraft coated paper [Properties]:
Name: kraft coated paper
Also known as: kraft coated paper
PE film: 12g
Gram weight: 75g, 85g, 95g, 115g, 145g
Color: colored, cowhide, khaki
Conventional size: 787mm, 889mm, 1092mm, 1194mm

Kraft Coated Paper【Precautions】

Kraft coated paper is the purest color of kraft paper, but because it is not produced in the same batch, there will be a certain degree of color difference. If you need a large amount and high requirements, you must buy the same batch The paper produced.

Kraft coated paper [Use]:
Moisture-proof, waterproof packaging, bubble bag composite, archives, medical, no matter it is packaging, copy paper packaging, kraft paper packaging, exquisite kraft coated paper can be used as the outer packaging of the product.

Coated Kraft Paper 【Advantage】:
The cowhide coated paper, because it is a pure wood pulp composition, has uniform color on both sides. After PE coating, it has better tensile strength, more resistance to friction, good toughness, and has the functions of moisture and water resistance, and the printing is good. No burrs, general high-end paper products, printed matter, gifts, electronic products, export steel products, furniture, etc. all need moisture-proof and waterproof exquisite cowhide coated paper.

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