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What are the main characteristics of aluminum foil flame-retardant cloth/heat insulation cloth sound-absorbing cloth/radiation protection cloth reflective cloth/aluminum foil composite cloth?

a. The corrosion resistance of aluminum foil composite kraft paper is greatly improved: the surface of the glass fiber cloth aluminum foil is treated with a special anti-corrosion coating, and the corrosion resistance and aging resistance are greatly improved. At the same time, the polyethylene hot-air pasting method is adopted, and no composite adhesive is required, which avoids the lack of corrosion and mildew on the aluminum foil surface caused by the residual moisture or solvent of the adhesive during the composite process.

b. Our Ruicheng Fiberglass Products Factory adopts direct hot-press lamination, which improves the performance of aluminum foil composite kraft paper on the one hand, and saves the cost of veneer lamination on the other hand.

c. Aluminum foil composite kraft paper has lower water vapor permeability and strengthens the water vapor barrier effect: the heat-sealed polyethylene layer in the middle of the glass fiber cloth aluminum foil is thicker than the general veneer, and the water vapor permeability is smaller, so the water vapor barrier effect is better and reliable It protects insulation materials such as glass wool.

d. Better tensile strength and firmer veneer: Aluminum foil composite kraft paper glass fiber cloth aluminum foil has higher mechanical strength than reinforced aluminum foil, and is better for online bonding in glass wool factories, rock wool factories, and mineral wool factories.

e. The veneer is smoother, which reduces the chance of surface damage to the aluminum foil: glass fiber cloth aluminum foil has a smoother veneer due to its fine cloth and thick polyethylene layer, and the surface of the aluminum foil is not easily damaged by friction, thus better playing a water vapor barrier function .

2. Specifications and precautions for use of aluminum foil composite kraft paper:

a. Aluminum foil: The thickness is 7um, 18um, 25um, etc., and it also uses aluminum-plated film, flame-retardant aluminum film, copper foil and other materials.

b. Glass fiber cloth: The product has many varieties and specifications of thickness and weight, the conventional width is 1000mm, 1200mm, 1500mm±15mm (also can be cut according to user requirements), and the length is 100m-250m (also can be cut according to customer requirements ).

3. Aluminum foil composite kraft paper heating and cooling materials equipment pipe insulation materials and building sound-absorbing materials rock wool can also be used as moisture-proof, anti-fog, fire-proof and anti-corrosion packaging materials for export equipment. Steam pipes and other chemical equipment are well-wrapped with thermal insulation materials, which are ideal substitutes for asbestos cloth.
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